JB&D provides short and long-term contract services to architecture firms in New York and New Jersey. Our management has almost 20 years consulting experience in NY. We currently have 50+ highly skilled cadd based architects whose skill range in expertise includes cadd mark ups through project architect and manager positions.


JB&D was formed as an alternative Cadd service bureau.  We specialize in 2D and 3D drafting and work only with architect trained cadd consultants.  It has been our experience that the few cadd services available rely more on computer skills exclusively rather than the additional skills required to work effectively with other architects.  Over the years we have worked with just about every major firm in NY and the tri-state area as well as several others across the country.


Our standard method of operation is to provide skilled consultants on site to assist from one day to whatever the duration of your needs.  We have also taken jobs out of house and completed them on site at our offices in NYC.


Our rates for work in CADD range from $20-55/hr; positions requiring Project Architect and Project Manager capabilities range from $50-65/hr.  Our rates reflect the high standard of service we provide. This translates directly into a superior product for the client, generated in an expeditious manner.  Rates for other specialized tasks can be discussed further.


JB&D has formed a strategic partnership with “BB creative”.  BB creative is an idea and design boutque firm based in New York City with the right blend of design, brand and digital media innovation that has helped design firms with that extra creative push when needed.


We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have over the phone or I can arrange a meeting at your convenience.



Thank you for your consideration of our services.




Jon Boka



JB&D consultants, LLP      -     210 West 29th St, New York, 10001   -    6th Floor   -    tel.  212.564.7067    -    info@jbd.com