Cadd Drafting (JB&D)


JB&D will provide highly skilled cadd trained architects and drafters to support and complete any architecture project for your firm. We can work within your office or from our offices in New York City. We will also provide our consultants with JB&D workstations* for an additional fee if needed.


Junior1-3+ yrs exp.$20-$35/hour (Cadd skills)


Intermediate 3-10+ yrs exp.$30-$55/hour (Cadd skills)


Senior5-10+ yrs exp.$50-$65/hour (Project Arch/Mgr and Cadd skills)


* JB&D Workstation+Screen $2.00/hour






3D Rendering+ Animation (BB creative)


Please visit the BB Group website for more information on Rendering and Animation examples and fees.




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